Be ready for an experience. You never know what you will find here. It's a store that you should go to if you have a shopping list. Lol. Everything is well placed, isles are tight, but they pack in deals. Some items are a deal, while others are comparable to other stores. But it is fun to graze the isle from time to time to see what you can find. Unique items and practical items fill the store. The layout is simple and laid out by department. Which is helpful. It feels like a warehouse sale and I recommend checking it out. There is always toilet paper sold here.

Tim Schmidt

Well this is a wild place. Their ever rotating stock of groceries, hardware, toys, household goods and furniture make it worth the stop. They have a lot of great furniture at great prices. You'll have to search for your treasure. They have a bit of everything. I'll be back. Check out folks were very nice.

Sam Smith

Holy cripes! This place is a pack rats dream! The stuff is jammed to the ceiling no joke! It's definitely a hidden gem if u like saving some cheese on tools and cheap housewares. It has a unique gopher smell that has me wondering if im gonna be smelling of this luxury after i leave? This place has so many rooms and cubbies with merchandise a rodent could get lost. Ill handle the stank to trap them mousie prices when im in the st.cloud area. Follow the mole hill to GOPHER!

Hans Oaken

The Selections are incredible. Kinda one of those places that if they don't have it, you probably don't need it anyway.. Great bargains on most everything.. Definitely worth the trip if your in the Cloud Area.. A good way to spend An hour or 2 or more..

James Gilbert

This will be a longer review. This place is a whole other world than other shopping centers. I mean holy cow going inside there is a feeling of time slowing down and the selection is massive and a little random. They have everything from puzzles to nails to wheelbarrow handles. It felt like I was going back to my grandpa's garage and I loved it. Totally worth the visit and check out the reclining chair upstairs.

Joe Lara

This place is amazing I found so many great deal on necessities and even some unexpected fun items such as dog and kid toys, candy, hardware and even furniture upstairs!! The selection is every changing and amazing new favorite store.

Christiana Garrett

I find this place very amusing I've been here twice now and every time I went I always find what I'm looking for even when Walmart doesn't carry it it's your basic flea market but with a Twist and I feel like I saved more money than going to the Dollar Store I definitely will come back again thank you

Jeremy Hamblin

I've never been in the store that has a bigger selection of then gopher bargain Center I regularly shop here it's my go-to place anytime I need something oddball that nobody else has or if I just need a couple of food items for the pantry

Robert "RJD" Devine

Plenty of cool things to look at. Bought a couple chairs that did me well.

Juan sanchez

This landmark has so many things you may need or want. Huge variety of products at low prices and some junk.
Plus check out the huge chair upstairs!

Bradley Mehr

Gopher has high product turnover, so things are kept clean and current. Check here first! I got a hand truck for $30 and a market canopy for $35. Watch their FB page for special arrival notifications.

Julie J Condon

Gopher is a local institution. Great place to pick up random stuff, huge selection of cheap Chinese toys, Chinese tools, and then endless random items you just have to see for yourself. I always find it a handy place to pick up harbor freight level quality tools, and occasionally there is indeed a bargain to be had. Also a dealer for Ashley furniture, and sometimes scratch and dent appliances.

Derek Larson

Great place to find tools. They had some blackhawk tools at an affordable price. Can't leave there without finding goodies.

Tony Soligny

There is so much to look at..make sure you give yourself enough time. Great shopping experience.

Dawn Hill

This place is packed and I mean packed with goodies for everyone with most prices that can't be beat!! I plan accordingly when visiting plan on being in here at least an hour and it will only feel like 5 mins, many times I've been on the "3 hour tour" and still find stuff I didn't look at!!!

Bethany "QueenB" Kruse

Gopher Bargain Center is great! Definitely a good place to get a bargain on literally almost anything! From barely expired food and snacks and candy all the way to furniture I'm sure they will have what you need if you are lookin for a great deal!

Ryan Thompson

The young lady at the cash register always has a smile and very welcoming and poliet. Great bargains for items from toys to food to other house hold items. However thier furniture is really pricey at times but it is cheaper than most retailers. But if you want a friendly enviroment and great prices for other items this would be the place to go. Especailly if you wanna do kids christmas shopping, birthday shopping, gifts and other stuff. Name brand toys and items at low cost.

Elizabeth Gable

Great place for buying new furniture. Good pricing, staff very helpful. Brand names for less

Kevin Reinke

The staff have been doing an excellent job merchandising the items improving finding and the look of this classic store.

Cleone Ashley

A wide variety of stuff, you never know what you are going to find.

Derek Whidden

Really cool place. We go whenever we are in st. Cloud. Good deals and never know what is new there and the workers are GREAT

Del Mahlum